This is for experimental use only, Flash At Your Own Risk!!!! You can not back up your original firmware, so you will loose any applications install by your provider.

First thing to check is that your phone does not have simlock! If it does, you MUST take your phone to a shop that can remove it. It is not expensive but MUST be done first or you will FREEZE your phone. If you freeze you phone it will cost you even more to get it fixed! Just type *#7465625# and look for Sim Lock or Network and make sure it says OFF.

Prepare the PC

Here you must download the essentials. First download Samsungs New PC Studio This contains the drivers you for the computer to recognize the phone in bootloader mode. When you download go ahead and install it, when it is finished restart the computer and plug up your phone. If NPS dose not start on its own it OK just start it by clicking the icon. When it comes up it should recognize your phone, IF IT Does NOT, unplug the phone and set it for “mass storage” then try it again and should work. Next download the Multiloader it is the software you will use to flash your phone. Last, download the firmware you want.  Once the firmware is downloaded then unzip it to a location you can easily find it on your computer.

Prepare Your Phone

Back up every thing you dont want to loose! Every thing! Even phone numbers and pictures! So many people have failed to do this and there is no way to recover it! After you back up do a Hard Reset on your phone. Type *2767*3855# and wait for the phone to restart. After it restarts, let it sit about 3 min before proceeding.
Before you connect the phone to the computer, turn it off and put in bootloader mode. Depending on your phone this can be done in several different ways, so refer to the flash guide for this step.

------------------------------------Set Up Your Computer------------------------------------------

1. Install NPS on your computer and make sure it will communicate with your phone.
2. Disconnect your phone and Close NPS.

DO NOT! run NPS again until you have successfully flashed your phone!

-------------------------------------Now continue with the flash----------------------------------

Make sure your phone does not have sim lock before you try and flash.
Type *#7465625# and make sure the SIMLOCK is OFF, if it is ON you MUST
take it to a shop and have it removed or you will freeze your phone!

First thing to always remember, is BACK UP YOUR PHONE, Pictures,wallpapers,
music, and any contacts you have saved on your phone. I am not responsible
for any damage to you, your phone, computer, or lost of data in this process.
This is a guideline intended for professional technicians.

What you will need:
1. USB cable that came with your phone.
2. New Samsung NPS
Install this software first, it contains the drivers for your phone, and has every thing you need for backup.
3. Multiloader 5.56
Available in th Firmwares Page
4. New firmware
Available in th Firmwares Page

-----------------------------Now you are ready to begin-----------------------------------

1. Make sure Samsung PC Studio is installed and communicates with your phone. And unpack
the firmware in a folder you can easily find it.
2. Remove the Sim and MicroSD from your phone and replace the battery.
4.  Hold down the "Volume -" button on the left  side ,
and the "Camera" button on the right, then press the "Power" button = all three buttons
need to be pressed together. Your phone should start up into a red\blue on black bootloader screen.)
5. Now run MultiLoader v5.54
6. Plug the phone up to the computer.

---------------------------------Multiloader Steps------------------------------------------

1. Select the radio button FOR JET= LSI6410
2. Select Boot Change
3. Full Download
4. Master rom
5. Then click Boot, and select the boot files from the unpacked firmware folder.
6a. Select Amss
6b.Select Apps
7. Rsrc1
8. Rsrc2(Low) Do not use! (Mid).r2c.  (Warning! phone may not restart if you select mid)
9. Select the Factory FS file.

***FOTA and ETC fields are left blank.****

10. Click the Port Search button, it will find your phone and show the com port is ready.
11. Click the download button and be patient, this will only take a few minutes to complete.
12. When it's finished, it will show "ok complete".
13. Unplug the phone from the USB cable, reinstall the sim and SD card.
NOTE Some models and some will not, if yours does not restart at this point, take out the battery a few seconds then reinsert it.
14. Now with every thing is complete, You can perform a hard reset by typing *2767*3855# into the hand set
(but not necessary.)
15. When the phone resets type *#1234# into your handset to check your new firmware ver.
If your phone fails the flash for any reason, DO NOT TRY AND RESTART IT!!!!! Restart the computer
and try the flash again!

You need to perform the camera firmware update, Admin codes have been changed on recent FW:
   a. Type *#197328640# in the Idle mode, then you can reach the test mode.
   b. Select [6] Video
   c. Select [3] Camera Firmware update
   [Please Wait] will be displayed.
   Wait a few minutes then [Please Wait] will be changed to [SUCCESS]

Flashing will  result in loss of data ,phone contacts and customized settings.